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We believe in unlimited possibilities and zero limitations.


Your Brand is Not Your Logo

Today, more than ever, people connect with brands that offer the best customer experiences. Lionhart Media designs superior experiences grounded in data & strategies that drive connection. We meld our high caliber capabilities and our partners’ core DNA into a seamless brand experience that cultivates strong user relationships, connection & brand loyalty.

Your brand is how your customers see you. How you represent yourself shapes your brand identity– visually, socially and professionally. It makes you unique. It makes you desirable. It’s everything your business is and will be. It’s what makes you, you!

Boundless Team

What We Do

Our results-driven solutions create a unique, uniform experience tailored for your unique needs. Grounded in data & strategies we combine our capabilities with your core DNA to drive connection & craft a seamless brand experience.

We are Highly Capable Learn How.

We enable businesses to evolve beyond their market, cultivate a unique brand culture, and organically engage their audience. We can help develop the same user-focused systems & results for your business.


Our Pride

We are the new storytellers; We craft visions, goals and perceptions into fruition seamlessly. Our agile, integrative team works in tandem with our clients to create solutions to the obstacles that trouble them most.

Creative Director

Zaybion Hart

Zaybion Hart is an American storyteller and designer.  Following his personal philosophy of “Creating Heaven on Earth,” he aims to push the barriers of what is good + possible in the world while helping others achieve their goals and walk in their unique purpose.

Brandsmith — Do Good Enthusiast — Welcome to the bright side.

Director of Photography

Jonathan Ford

Jonathan Ford is the founder of Life Made LLC, an imaging and branding company. Jonathan specializes in photography, film, and brand development.

A one-stop powerhouse — Jonathan has unparalleled skillsets in visual media and audio engineering.

Sound Design Lead

Landon Bowen

From a young age Memphis native, Landon Bowen has experimented with auditory experiences. This love led him to study and perfect his craft in audio production — including recording, mixing, mastering, and more.

Captured in the moment.

Be Positive.

In life and business most things are improved by attitude & outlook. We believe in unmitigated optimism.

Act in Abundance.

We believe the universe and all things within it are boundless and without limit. If we have one good idea we can have a trillion more without scarcity.

Embrace & Inspire Community.

Empowerment implies lack, we believe in sparking the inherent — inspiring our community to tap into the brilliance they already have inside.

Mandatory Excellence.

Mediocrity is not an option & value is a prerequisite. Integrity and excellence in all things.

Foster Ingenuity.

Agile thinking & flexible solutions are key. Move forward, take what works, forget what doesn’t. Never cripple what is with the fantasy of what was.


Minimalism in all things fosters efficiency, clarity & inclusivity. Remove barriers, reduce clutter, promote understanding.

Unyielding Resilience.

Never settle. Never quit. Keep Going.


Behind Closed — or Open Doors.

How we conduct ourselves in support & pursuit of our mission, vision & purpose never changes. It's what makes us who we are, it's our core.

They can't all be winners.

Give Us a Shout

“Zaybion and his team brainstormed immediately to find the right brand for my new company.... They are the PERFECT company to create your logo, expand your brand and build your business! Did I also mention that the customer service experience is EXCELLENT?!!”

Kendra DickersonOwner of The Halo Dessert Company