J. Buck Music

Case Study


How do you translate a soul artists high-energy performances and individual style into brand assets? How do you stand out among the saturated market? How can you attract fans with unique visuals and package design? What makes the brand original? How much of that individualized style can be translated into the web architecture?


We partnered with the team at J.Buck Music to capture the energy, explosiveness and love J.Buck exudes on stage and translated that same soul into brand assets and strategies. Through social campaigns, creative services and strategy we established a worldwide stage for this hometown favorite. To date J. Buck has been featured on various morning shows and  recently won the Meet Me in Memphis Battle of the Bands, sponsored by IKEA, Southern Living Time, Inc.

Project Scope

Brand Identity

Web Design


Social Media Marketing

Photography & Videography


December 10, 2016


Branding, Design


J.Buck Music


To be an original in a world of copies you must stay true to your style in every facet of your branding

Hailing from the Rhythm and Blues capital of the south, Memphis, TN, Josh Buck is no stranger to either genre. Infusing jazz and blues with a captivating funk groove J. Buck’s vocal range gives him that edge that keeps audiences engaged and connected to every lyric. Spreading love and peace through his music, this singer-songwriter embodies what it means to experience music.