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A heaven-sent brand IDentity set apart in a conformed market.

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences fly into your mouth.

The Challenge.

We were tasked with creating an elegant, versatile brand identity that would be set apart in their saturated and often carbon-copied market.

  • Develop a versatile brand identity that translates across multiple touchpoints and applications
  • Develop a foundation for the brand experience moving forward to increase awareness, engagement and sales
  • Showcase the identity in a way that is realistic and applicable to future touchpoints: packaging, uniforms & marketing applications
  • Craft a unique and easily recognizable logo that stands out in crowded retail venues

The Solution.

“Through testing, a solid foundation and a bit of focused trial and error we created an identity that will serve as the foundation for future Halo touchpoints”

Baking a solid foundation.

After our initial market research and strategy findings we had the insights and basis to accomplish the clients objectives and develop solutions that delivered on the brand core pillars.

After drafting several styleboards and sketches we created what was sure to be the new Halo Dessert Company’s logo, that we before the meh reviews. Initial input found that we leaned too heavily into the rustic feel and needed that pop of heavenly influence to enhance the aesthetics. We accomplished this by moving away from the earthier greens and browns and into palettes that were more airy, light and — dare we say it — fun & playful. From the ashes of our initial concepts was birthed a light, airy wordmark with a halo accent over the “a” — simple, effective, beautiful.

Ultimately through testing, a solid foundation and a bit of focused trial and error we created an identity that will serve as the foundation for future Halo touchpoints, from uniforms and packaging to online and social media. We packaged the entirety of the brand guidelines and systems into an extensive booklet that includes everything from their new brand palettes & patterns to typography & pairings.

Brand Guidelines
& Systems.

Our approach was to research Halo’s competitors locally and nationally for opportunities to stand out and let their identity shine through the clutter. We leveraged our findings to create an identity that was inline with Halo’s core identity, beliefs and culture.

Primary Wordmark.

The primary wordmark consists of a light & airy “Halo” wordmark combined with a cupcake cup icing stain badge border

Icon Variant.

The Halo accent is a representation of the brand name as a whole and acts as a representation of Halo’s core identity.

Angel Wheat.

The Angel Wheat variant represents a core ingredient of Halo’s goods matched with the heavenly motif of their brand.

Color & material

The brand palette chosen to represent the brand’s visual identity.


Photography Treatment

The Results.



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